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Drug use is becoming a public health problem in Cameroon and particularly amongst young people. To this end, on 26th, 27th, and 28th of April 2024, a multidisciplinary team led by WHO visited 5 neighbourhoods in the city of Buea to assess the problem of drug use among young people. A total of 40 drug consumers were evaluated and 09 community leaders were interviewed via two focus groups. The analysis of the data collected will allow for optimal implementation and concerted interventions.

In the light, moving into the streets of Yaoundé saw the admission of 54 new people living with mental health disorders (PLWMHD) to the Village of Love on April 12, 2024. On April 15, 2024, the committee met with the Mayor of Buea to take stock of the activity and the strong recommendation resulting from the work will erect this activity into a program for better implementation throughout the national territory.

The mental health focal points in the Centre Region work to raise awareness both in the field and during the coordination meetings of Health Areas: Nlongkak (April 12, 2024), Mbalmayo (April 16, 2024) and Etoa Meki (April 30, 2024). The themes addressed were mental health, mental illness, tobacco and drug consumption, the days of celebration of which will be May 31 and June 26.

However, the online census of mental health staff continues via the link :

The team of experts with the CMPJ Buea advisor.

Family picture of the team with the Paramount chief, the Southwest Regional Delegation for Public Health, and the WHO representative.

Focus group discussion with the community leader from different neighbourhoods.